The world's best athletes understand that performance is a journey enhanced by resilience. It is a continuous journey, not bound to any one moment or performance. In fact, there is no finish line. The 3 P's - Prepare, Perform, & Progress - represent how the world's best are able to respond to setbacks, obstacles, and failures throughout their journeys. 

The Performance Journey

1. Prepare  - Align & Define.

Preparation is the entire climb up the mountain. That journey is long, often wayward, and filled with distractions. In order to summon a bit of clarity, first define the goal. Second, align that with the investment you are willing to make. Also, respect the time frame needed to adequately prepare. Stay Humble because, remember, there are no guarantees, only opportunities. When motivation fades or when life interferes, what then will be the response? Don't devalue where you are now. Enjoy the journey and celebrate the little wins along the way. It all counts. 


2. Perform - the Byproduct.

Performance is the summit. It is direct byproduct of preparation. Often, the descent back down is equal, if not more difficult. How will you handle adversity? At a certain point, you might want to quit. What will you do? Are there strategies set aside so that this speed bump doesn't become a roadblock? Amidst all of that external noise, are you paying attention to the conversation you're having with yourself? 


3. Progress  - Learn. Grow. Improve. 

Progress is looking back before moving forward. It's that next mountain. But before heading there, take stock of what was learned. What needs improvement? Was the goal accomplished? Was it attainable? What are the next best strategies moving forward?