This started as a graduate school project that blended:                                                                

1. My background in sport psychology

2. A curiosity into high performance

3. A passion for ultra-endurance sports      







Why Resilience?

This unique project allowed me to explore the psychological side of high performance with some of the world's best ultra-endurance athletes. The conversations were broken down into three parts: preparation, performance, and recovery. Resilience, amongst numerous themes, emerged as one attribute that binds this unique group together. So far, I have learned that is is resilience that allows them to get through a bad week of training, manage adversity, cope with injury, and learn from failure.  More importantly, I've learned that the human spirit is capable of going a little further, digging a little deeper, and pushing a little harder.

The journey towards excellence is enhanced by resilience. Excellence is not defined by one moment, performance, or day. It is a continuous journey, one that extends well beyond the finish line. As for now, I have way more questions than answers; I hope that's the case moving forward, as I will continue to explore the psychological makeup of high performance.  


The Athletes


My Mission:  

Share unique insights from ultra-endurance sporting elites through the lens of performance psychology as a way to empower others to embrace the unknown, continuously learn, and improve in a sustainable manner.