Fluidity over Force

Water doesn’t mind pressure. It doesn’t mind force. But it doesn’t like tension. If you try and force something, the water doesn’t cooperate with you. if you work with it, it can handle a lot of amazing power
— Kevin Eslinger: Long-distance Paddler & Swimmer

Have a goal?


Hope to feel good pursuing it?


Will you the whole time?



In fact, you might even feel miserable.





Or the goal just seems too far away.


Humans can survive nearly a month without food and less without water.

How long can a human exist without thought?

That voice in your head, the inner-critic, is always there.

It doubts.

It nags.

It creates nonexistent narratives.

It influences everything.


You can fight it all you want, but I suggest working with it.

Acknowledge it.

Understand what triggered it.


Then, move forward.


Adaptability is maintaining an openness to possibility.

It is seeing something through.

To adapt is to be like water.

To be like water means to be fluid.

When distractions arise, choose fluidity over force.


This isn’t about “going with the flow”.

Moreso, it implies having the capacity to adjust accordingly. 

Rigidity is the exact opposite of that. It is force. 


Rigidity is ego.

Rigidity eliminates opportunities. 

Rigidity produces narrow, shortsighted thoughts.

Rigid thoughts create a false sense of mastery.

When rigid thoughts fester

They Accumulate

And exacerbate turning into

Overwhelming. Tension.

Yes, tension is necessary

Too little and you’re not engaged

But too much?

That eliminates clarity.

 Without clarity, you’re more susceptible

To poor-decision making aka taking the path of least resistance.

That path ensures stagnancy

And promotes selfishness


So, as you continue to hunt down those 2018 goals

with unrelenting focus, remember to adapt.


The good, bad, and ugly…

They are all opportunities to get better.

If you need to go through the motions, go through the motions.

If you need to rev things up, do it. 

Instead of fighting these different phases, emotions, and moods,

work with them

Doing so doesn’t mean you’re losing your edge

Rather, you are:




Becoming is





To get there, think of water

Without water you die

Water also represents the perfect balance

Between openness and rigidity

Assertiveness and aggression

Too much openness equals

No direction

No flow

Too much tension is followed by


So next time you hear

Just go with the flow

Instead of cringing

Remember water