Move. Groove. Flow

All-Systems go.


Laser-like focus,

Total unawareness.

Zero concern.

Absolutely no worries.

Effort is nonexistent.

Complete Harmonious synchronicity.

Many have coined the above description as “the zone”,  “the zen zone”, or “mental paradise”. For me, it’s the “zen den”. For Mihaly Csikszentmihaly – the expert on this topic – it’s formally titled as “Flow State”.

Below is the definition that emerged from Csikszentmihaly’s years of research:

Flow State - a harmonious experience where mind and body are working together effortlessly,leaving the person feeling that something special has just occurred.


A flow state is the optimal performance state. It’s extremely rare, but not random. There are actually reasons that facilitate its occurrence. Csikszentmihaly discovered these “whys” and “hows” to be triggers. He then labeled them as the 9 components of a flow state:

1.     Challenge-skills balance,

2.     Merging of action and awareness

3.     Clarity of goals,

4.     Immediate and unambiguous feedback

5.     Concentration on the task at hand

6.     Paradox of control

7.     Transformation of time

8.     Loss of self-consciousness,

9.     Autotelic (meaningful / purposeful) behavior.

Flow offers unforgettable experiences like this one in Byron Bay, OZ (2015). 

Flow offers unforgettable experiences like this one in Byron Bay, OZ (2015). 


Think back to your own life and there are probably some flow-like moments. You know, the really, really unbelievable moments that sort of just happened. These experiences are not limited to sporting performance either. Flow can include seamless back-and-forth conversation, cooking, hanging with friends, or attending a concert…

Flow enhances movement. Movement enhances flow. It’s like being a kid all over again. Moving becomes grooving and grooving means that you’re in an established and stylish rhythm.

Groove on.

The possibilities are endless.