Pay Heed to the Sponge

The Good.

The Bad.

The Ugly.


Some moments are effortless.

Everything is clicking.

Others are strenuous.




And the feelings that accompany those moments…

Sometimes they’re tangible.

Easy to distinguish.

Grasp them.

Let them go.


They are discreet.

Difficult to determine origin and impact.  


Regardless of perception or past experience(s);

for future consideration, remember the sponge.





Best household product ever?







100% yes.

It serves it’s purpose.


A sponge absorbs a disproportionate amount of whatever it is submerged in or under.

How much is soaked up depends on one’s intention.

Those intentions can range from a variety of tasks: washing the car, dish duty, or a quick rinse.

A firm squeeze and the sponge retains little.

No squeeze and it absorbs well beyond its normal weight.

Regardless, it serves its purpose.


From goal setting to training to performing, intention is everything.

Just like the sponge, taking the plunge (towards a goal) implies something, no matter the depth/size/ramifications, will be absorbed.

Intention determines what will be held on to and will be squeezed out..

This is learning.

This is what getting better looks like.


If learning is the goal, constructive evaluation needs to be a part of the formula.

The more objective the evaluation, the more room for growth. Not only does it keep the ego in check, but it maintains alignment.


On a day-to-day basis, alignment breeds clarity. Clarity doesn’t remove doubt, but it can help prevent speedbumps from turning into roadblocks.  Clarity also makes saying “yes” or “no” more uncomplicated.


Less complications


Less distractions


Less worries.



Let go.


Carry on.