"He chose to climb"

                                                                        "He chose to climb"

Preparation is everything, but it guarantees…


This is the beauty of the unknown.

Initially, there is excitement.

Boundless opportunities lie ahead,

Opportunities shaped by choice.

Choice – the act of making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

It dictates thought.

It alters emotion.

It determines attitude.

And altitude.

Choice guides the journey.

Facilitates the experience.

Choice brings the physical self along for an unbelievable ride.

The choice to commit, well, that takes supreme trust.

Trust implies a willingness to endure.

A complete surrender of oneself to possibility.

Surrender paves the way for moments.

Ones that are 100% unique to you.

The good stuff.

The bad.

Everything in between.

Moments that blur the lines between who you are now.

And who you’re striving to be.

These moments cannot be manufactured.

But they can be earned.

What makes the earning so invaluable?

The purpose and meaning that propel you forward.

The Result?

A betterment of self.

Something nobody can take away.


Celebrate this power of choice.

Embrace the unknown.

Keep on.